American Heroes Honored at Fishing For Freedom

Posted by Larry on January 18, 2013

The Leavenworth Bass Club is hosting its fifth annual Fishing for Freedom (F3) event presented by The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) local 124 and the NECA/IBEW Power Partners at Truman Lake on 12 and 13 October 2013.  Fishing for Freedom is modeled after other fishing tournaments; anglers are paired, there is a blast off at a designated start time, competitors go fishing for a certain amount of time, and at the end of the day a weigh-in is conducted to decide the winners.  But that is where F3 and other bass tournament similarities end.  F3 is an all volunteer event which pairs local and regional anglers with post 9/11 veterans and wounded warrior participants from all over the United States. This event is all about having a good time in the outdoors in an attempt to give back to these Heroes and show them how much we appreciate their service and sacrifice. But most of all, it’s the smiles, laughter, cherished memories, and new friendships that endure.

2013 Here it comes

Posted by Larry on December 31, 2012

2012 has come to a close and like most tournament anglers I have spent some time reflecting on my 2012 season. In the big picture not a bad tournament season, but I’m still not satisfied with the results. I fished hard at every event but know I missed some opportunities. Whether it was a bad decision, the wrong game plan, a mechanical issue, or a lost fish I see places that I can continue to improve.  I start every season with a series of goals and would like to sum up how 2012 went in accomplishing those goals.

My Bass University Experience

Posted by admin on January 17, 2011

BASSU_trio.jpgI have had a week to reflect on my Bass University experience in Shreveport, La. During that time, I have had a lot of folks ask me, "was it worth the trip". I usually start my answer the same way. It was worth it for me. Not because of any ah ha moment. If I was new to tournament angling, I am sure there would have been some. During the two days of seminars, I didn’t find a magic lure, a new presentation, or some closely held secrete technique that will catapult me to the next level of tournament fishing. But that wasn’t my purpose for attending. What occured last weekend fueled my passion.

Red Hot Winter Time Bassin (part II)

Posted by Larry on January 3, 2011

Last week in part I of Red Hot Winter Time Bassin, we discussed the “video fishing” opportunities here in the Midwest. In part II we will look at some of the basics that you need to be successful.


Red Hot Winter Time Bassin (Part I)

Posted by Larry on December 23, 2010

Here in the Midwest many of us look forward to the morning chill that signals the changing of the seasons. As the fall colors start to fade and the nip in the air becomes more prevalent our excitement begins to build. It’s not just for the upcoming holiday season and the time spent with family and friends.  Nor is it just for the upcoming hunting seasons and the chance at monster bucks, upland birds, and water fowl. A lot of us enjoy those winter time activities; but personally, my excitement grows from the anticipation of red hot winter time bass action.

Launch of my new website

Posted by Larry on November 29, 2010

 Well after almost 3 years of research, contacting, and negotiating with web design companies, here we are; a professional website to assist me in chasing my dreams of becoming a professional angler. Most are probably asking "Stoafer what took you so long"?  Well, if any of you have had aspirations of developing your own website you probably know the answer. Technical competence and cost.

The Evolution of Fishing Line

Posted by admin on November 14, 2010

Figuring out the right fishing line for the right situation is something anglers of all skill levels spend significant time pondering. As technology in the industry advanced over the years, the multitude of line types, all with different performance characteristics have made those decisions even more difficult. While much has changed in the fishing line industry over the years, one element has persevered. Discerning anglers demand performance in an ever widening range of applications and those demands require innovation and diversity of product lines.


Fishing Seminars

Posted by admin on November 14, 2010

Fishing seminars available in the Leavenworth/Kansas City area

The Ft Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club is hosting a series of fishing seminars this summer/winter. These seminars are open to the general public and for all skill levels. We did a smaller schedule last year and had a good turnout. These are family friendly so bring the kids along if they enjoy fishing. They start at 6pm and are on ft Leavenworth at the Rod and Gun Club clubhouse. You will need a picture ID to get on base. See the dates/topics below.

Fishing For Freedom

Posted by admin on November 14, 2010

The Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) is now in its’ 7th year and our troops have served on multiple combat deployments. The stresses of combat and high operational tempo have strained our military and our military families to no end. We have seen and heard the stories of these heroes as many have returned home with horrific physical injuries, but a tremendous psychological toll is also being paid. Suicide rates are alarmingly high across the services even though several new Department of Defense initiatives have attempted to de-stigmatize mental health treatment in the military culture. There is more to be done, and we citizens back home free from their hardships can help these returning heroes deal with the baggage of combat and re-assimilate back into everyday life.

2011 Tournament Schedule

Posted by admin on November 14, 2010

My 2011 Tournament and seminar schedule.