2015 Tournament Schedule

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2015 Tournament Schedule
3rd  22 Nov  Pomme de Terre  Leavenworth Bass Club
1st 23 Nov  Pomme de Terre  Leavenworth Bass Club
 4th  13 Dec  Table Rock  Leavenworth Bass Club
 3rd 14 Dec  Table Rock  Leavenworth Bass Club
10th 15 Mar Stockton Reeves Brothers Outdoors
 24th 22 Mar  Stockton  Solo Pro Series
 7th  28 Mar  Stockton  Leavenworth Bass Club
 1st  29 Mar  Stockton  Leavenworth Bass Club
 84th 11 Apr  Lake of the Ozarks  Ozark Division BFL
 1st 12 Apr  Banner Creek  Ft Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club
5th 18-19 Apr  Mozingo  2015 TBF KS State Qualifier #2
 5th 20-25 Apr  Grand  TBF National Championship (Co-angler)
 1st  25 Apr  Table Rock  Leavenworth Bass Club
 3rd 26 Apr  Table Rock  Leavenworth Bass Club
89th  2 May  Table Rock  Ozark Division BFL
 36th  24 May  Pomme de Terre  Solo Pro Series
 52nd  3-5 Jun  Tenn-Tom Waterway (Aberdeen, MS) TBF Central Divisional
 76th 10-12 Jun  Ross Barnett BASS Federation Central Divisional
 40th 27 Jun  Truman  Ozark Division BFL
13th  12 Jul  Mozingo  Leavenworth Bass Club
 4th 1-2 Aug  Grand  2016 TBF KS State Qualifier
 12th 22 Aug  Mozingo  Leavenworth Bass Club
1st 30-31 Aug Stockton KS BASS Nation 6-Man Team Event
 74th 19-20 Sep  Lake of the Ozarks  Ozark Division BFL Championship
 5th 26-27 Sep  Mozingo  Leavenworth Bass Club Classic
 32th 17-18 Oct  Table Rock 2016 MOBASS State Qualifier