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2011 Tournament Schedule

Date                      Location                              Organization                                                    Finish

7 Nov                    Pomme de Terre             Joe Bass Team Trail Winter Division                        4th

20 Nov                  Table Rock                       Leavenworth Bass Club                                              12th

21 Nov                  Table Rock                       Leavenworth Bass Club                                              3rd

12 Dec                 Table Rock                        Joe Bass Team Trail Winter Division                canceled

16 Jan                    Bull Shoals                     Joe Bass Team Trail Winter Division                        10th

19 Feb                   Table Rock                     BFL Ozark Division                                                 Tied 73rd

20 Feb                   Table Rock                     Joe Bass Team Trail Winter Division                          3rd

6 Mar                    Pomme de Terre             Joe Bass Team Trail Winter Division                 Tied 11th

19 Mar                  LOZ                                 BFL Ozark Division                                                            92nd

20 Mar                  LOZ                                 Anglers in Action                                                                57th 

26 Mar                  LOZ                                 Leavenworth Bass Club                                                   2nd

27 Mar                  LOZ                                 Leavenworth Bass Club                                                   1st

2 Apr                     LOZ                                Bassmaster Weekend Series                                          40th

9 Apr                     Table Rock                     Leavenworth Bass Club                                                   5th

10                          Table Rock                    Leavenworth Bass Club                                                    8th

16 Apr                   Banner Creek                 Ft Leavenworth Rod and Gun Club                               1st

17 Apr                   Mozingo                          Leavenworth Bass Club w/ NWMSU                              1st

23 Apr                  Truman                            Angler's in Action                                                                27th

30 Apr                  Table Rock                      Bassmaster Weekend Series                                 canceled

30 Apr                  Stockton                          BFL Ozark Division                                                              16th

15 May                  Perry                              KBCFN "Mr Bass"                                                                   6th

22 May                  Truman                           Anglers in Action                                                                  48th

4 Jun                     Truman                           BFL Ozark Division                                                             53rd

5 Jun                      Truman                          Joe Bass Team Trail                                                          13th

11 Jun                   Truman                           Leavenworth Bass Club                                                    16th

12 Jun                   Truman                           Anglers in Action           Didn't make weigh-in (Mechanical)

18 Jun                   Stockton                          Bassmaster Weekend Series                                         29th

25 Jun                   Mozingo                            Leavenworth Bass Club                                                    1st

26 Jun                   Mozingo                            N2it series                                                                          11th

16 Jul                     Mozingo                          Leavenworth Bass Club                                                     2nd

23 Jul                     Stockton                          Bassmaster Weekend Series                                         15th

13 Aug                  Truman                             Bassmaster Weekend Series                                        20th

27-28 Aug           Wilson                               TBFKS State qualifier                                                          7th

10-11 Sep            LOZ                                   BFL Ozark Division Championship                                64th

24-25 Sep            LOZ                                  Bassmaster Weekend Series Div Championship      16th

1-2 Oct                  LOZ                                   Big Bass Bash                                                  no money fish

14-15 Oct            KY/Barkley Lakes            Bassmaster Weekend Series regional Champ          

22-23 Oct             Stockton                            Leavenworth Bass Club Classic 


2011 Seminar and Appearance Schedule

Date                      Location                                                Event                                               

8-9 Jan                  Shreveport, La                                  Attending The Bass University

                                                                                 hosted  by Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszlek

26 Jan                    Ft Leavenworth, Ks                         Fishing Seminar

16 Feb                   Ft Leavenworth, Ks                         Fishing Seminar

25-27 Feb            Smithville Marine                             Boat show and fishing seminars

16 Mar                  Ft Leavenworth, Ks                         Fishing Seminar

14 Apr                   Ft Leavenworth, Ks                         Fishing Seminar

15 Apr                  Atchison, Ks                                     Walmart/FLW

16 Apr                  Atchison, Ks                                     Walmart/FLW

12 May                 Ft Leavenworth, Ks                          Fishing Seminar

21 May                 Smith Lake                                        Kid’s Fishing Derby

28 May                 Merritt Lake                                       Special American Fishing Event

8-9 Oct                  Truman                                            Fishing for Freedom

TBD                       Northwest Missouri State            Fishing Seminars

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